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About LINC

Investing in Education through Online Technologies

Welcome to LINC!

The Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC) is an MIT-managed international initiative that began in 2001 and is today operated by MIT Open Learning.

MIT Open Learning aims to transform teaching and learning at MIT and around the globe through the innovative use of digital technologies. It extends MIT’s mens et manus (mind and hand) approach to digital learning, uniquely combining digital tools with individualized teaching, research-driven methodology, an ethos for open sharing, and the in-person magic of MIT — for students at MIT, and for learners around the world. Through its many strategic education initiatives, MIT Open Learning collaborates closely with international governments and organizations in developing new technologies and systems that allow increased participation and quality in education. Please visit for additional information about MIT Open Learning's initiatives and projects.

LINC works as a professional society and the LINC Conference series serves as an international community gathering of individuals and organizations that focus on how digital learning can play the role of providing quality education at scale, particularly in developing nations and emerging markets. What started out as a smaller initiative in 2001 has now grown into a distinguished international gathering with over 60 nations represented during the last LINC Conference in 2013.

The LINC Conference invites scholars, practitioners, students, corporate executives, government officials and foundation professionals to gather and share best practices on digital learning. Accomplished leaders and educators across the globe are selected to speak on and highlight their own experiences in developing digital learning technologies and initiatives, and LINC attendees are encouraged to network, seek collaborations and present their own research and experiences during the conference.

LINC has had the enthusiastic support of MIT’s President, Provost, Chancellor and Vice President of Open Learning.

For questions about LINC or the next LINC Conference, please email